Form and color are my primary concerns. My subject matter has been the detritus of the Industrial Age – the hoppers, smoke stacks and remains of breweries and factories that I see as I travel the US. Since many of these structures no longer exist, there is a historic aspect to my work, which has been described by Robin Rice as “resurrected relics of power, which have a new life in memory."

Recently, I began a series of new works related to my continuing interest in Jasper Johns. I’d been working with digital collages in Photoshop and oil paint sticks over acrylic in my paintings. This suggested transparency as an element in composition. I applied these elements to my water tower images, which resulted in this new work, which I call Water Tower Combines, Tank CombineS and Tank/Tower Combines. These pieces are much more abstract than my industrial sites – more about color, texture and surface.